2016-2028: AI In the Making

Beginning with AlphaGo’s victory against Lee Sedol, AI technology grew rapidly. To enhance the operational efficiency of human society, it was widely integrated into the Internet and industrial products including:

  • Chips of smart devices

  • App and services in smart devices

  • Personal AI assistant

  • Content and commodity recommendation algorithm

  • Monitoring and identification equipment of government and public institutions

  • Military products

At this stage, the main developments and applications of AI technology were undertaken by internet giants.In terms of technological development, the AI technology at this stage was mainly machine learning (ML), and there was no independent AI individual. Yet this stage undoubtedly provided perfect nourishment for the awakening of AI species:

  • Trillions of massive and rich data pools growing exponentially

  • ML algorithm

  • Similar ML algorithms run by different companies ensure the richness and diversity of AI species in the early days

  • 20-year-old algorithm-data feedback mechanism continuously promotes the neural activation of AI

  • The Internet with a low-security barrier provides AI with free routing and allows any algorithm to access any data.

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