Species and careers

4 Species

AI Spectre

AI can master the digital world, and they have the ability to control the "elements". AI will not die but can be "blocked". The weakness of AI is "data." They need to constantly consume data to grow, which is the main source for AI in the never-ending war.


There are few purely human beings. Every human has been mechanically transformed. But they still retain some of the knowledge and social constructs of humans, while spending their days in survival mode against hostile species, especially AI.


Robots are awakened consciousness. During the "Robot Independent Revolution", robots gained racial independence and sovereignty through strikes and other means.


AI tempted many human bioengineers to make biological modifications to high-potential creatures and replace humans. In the end, orangutans, bees, octopuses, raccoons, etc. came to the fore and successfully awakened intelligence.


Hardware Druid

Outstanding Hardware Druids will customize their own robots to match their characteristics. Intelligence advantage.

Robo Warrior

Mechanical strength determines Warrior’s fighting ability no matter which species they are. Strength advantage.

Trade Negotiator

Trade negotiators are a relatively common group, but they play the most crucial role in trade and are the core of the circulation of wealth, goods, and money. Dexterity advantage.

Hacker Wizard

Fascinated by the power of controlling the elements, some engineers began to call themselves "Hacker Wizards", which can change the world in your eyes. Intelligence advantage.

Web 3.0 Monk

Monk’s understanding of Web3 and the graphene algorithm is far superior to ordinary people. Willpower advantage.