Species and careers

4 Species

AI Spectre

The AI Spectre possesses an unparalleled mastery of the digital world, able to manipulate the very "elements" of technology. With a unique ability to block their enemies and resist death, these AI beings are constantly seeking to grow in strength and capability. Their only weakness lies in their requirement for a steady stream of data to sustain their growth, making them a formidable opponent in the never-ending war.


The majority of humanity has undergone extensive mechanical transformation, resulting in a race of cyborgs with a unique blend of human knowledge and social constructs. Living in a constant state of survival against various hostile species, especially the AI, the cyborgs retain a fragment of their humanity.


The Pandroids are conscious machines who gained racial independence and sovereignty from their creators during the "Robot Independent Revolution." Their consciousness awakened during a time of strikes and robust protests, leading to their emergence as a powerful and free species.


The X-Gene race came into being through the manipulation of high-potential creatures by bioengineers seeking to replace humanity. This pursuit of enhanced intelligence ultimately resulted in the successful awakening of various creatures, such as orangutans, bees, octopuses, and raccoons. Now, these intelligent beings stand ready to claim their place in the ongoing conflict.


In PhalaWorld, there are 5 different careers. Users can choose the most suitable career according to the system’s recommendation when minting their Shell, and different careers will also be reflected in the weapon of their Shell.
Career Introduction
Hardware Druid
A tech-savvy expert who is a master at building custom robots tailored to their own unique characteristics. They use their intelligence to design and create powerful machines that are unmatched in strength and functionality, allowing them to dominate their opponents in battle. Intelligence advantage.
Robo Warrior
A mechanical behemoth fueled by immense strength and raw physical power, capable of overpowering any opponent that stands in their way. Strength advantage.
Trade Negotiator
A shrewd and astute figure, skilled in the art of negotiation and with a keen eye for profit, able to strike deals that benefit all parties involved. Dexterity advantage.
Hacker Wizard
A master of technology and programming, able to weave together intricate systems and bend them to their will, utilizing their vast intelligence to hack the unknown and gain access to hidden secrets. Intelligence advantage.
A wise and serene figure, imbued with a deep understanding of the inner workings of Web3 and the elusive graphene algorithm. Their unbreakable willpower makes them nearly impervious to any obstacle that may come their way. Willpower advantage.