Incubation and customization

The first round of incubation has ended!
PhalaWorld incubation mechanism

What is incubation?

Incubation allows you to gain energy by completing tasks, such as participating in energy boost, and feeding yourself and others, which can then be used to unlock items and customize every aspect of your Shell.
At the end of incubation, you can finalize all your item choices and see what your first Shell NFT will look like.
A Shell NFT consists of several nested NFTs, each representing a Slot. A Slot is a collection of equipped items that are grouped together. During incubation each day a new Slot Type will become available for each species, and you can spend energy unlocking items to equip inside them.
Each Slot NFT can be equipped and unequipped from a Shell, and, at a future date, will be able to be traded in the marketplace.
What is the relationship between Shell NFT, slot NFT and items

Energy accumulation, incubation, and customization

[✅ Finished!] In the 14-day energy accumulation period, survivors can take part in completing tasks to earn energy in advance.
[Open 5th-12th] In the 8-day food incubation period (note, there may be some gap days between the 2 periods), survivors can take part in feeding their own or others' Shells to earn energy. During this time Slot Types will begin to unlock and players can begin to spend energy on unlocking items.
The more energy they get, the more items can be unlocked. Survivors can then finalize all their equipped items for a complete outfit by the end of the whole incubation period. The Shell will then be minted and revealed in its final form.

Incubation mechanism

  1. 1.
    Once survivors have minted successfully they will receive an Origin Shell NFT into their account.
  2. 2.
    Each Shell in the account will be given 5 food per day and can have a maximum of 5 food at any one time.
  3. 3.
    Survivors can feed their own Shells or, choose to feed other people's Shells.
  4. 4.
    Each Shell can only be fed by the same account twice per day.
  5. 5.
    Every time a Shell is fed, 3 energy is created. 1 energy for the account doing the feeding, and 2 energy for the account being fed. So if you feed your own Shell you will gain 3 energy. If you feed someone else's Shell, you will gain 1 energy, and they will gain 2 energy.
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    Incubation lasts 8 days. Each day during Incubation new item slots, in which you can equip gear, will become automatically available.
  7. 7.
    Survivors need to consume energy to unlock items that they can equip. Different rarities of Shell require different amounts of energy to unlock the same item.
8. Each Shell rarity is limited in the number of special items it can equip.
9. When energy is consumed on unlocking an item there is no way to get it back.
10. Survivors will need to pick and save their final outfit before incubation ends.
11. Any items you don’t equip in your final outfit are lost at the end of incubation
12. After the 8-day Incubation, all Origin Shells enter a resting period.
13. Once the system ‘unifies’, all the mature Shells will be revealed.
14. Hey Presto!! Your own Shell is finally awake!

What if I miss the official incubation period?

If you miss the incubation period, your Origin Shell will be stored in a cryovial. That means it will stay in its initial form of an Origin Shell. You may have a chance to awaken the Shell, maybe with some extra effort. So, in short, definitely don't miss Incubation!

What will happen to my energy after my Shell hatched?

  • What will happen to my remaining energy
Energy is proof of user participation in the incubation stage, and we want to reward users who have actively participated. Based on this, your energy will be saved and will become an important resource for customization in the hangar. To obtain new items, you will still need to consume energy as well as meet certain conditions. In general, the requirements for unlocking new equipment will be more challenging than those for your first equipment change. We are doing this because:
  • PhalaWorld Hangar Program
After the incubation period, the equipment library you are familiar with will be upgraded to long-term open and renamed as "PhalaWorld Hangar" that you can always open and find something new. In the PhalaWorld hangar, you will find hundreds of clothing, accessories, mechs, and weapons to choose from, with new items regularly added.
More news will be announced in the future.