⚔️Background story of Origin Shell

After 10 years of sleep, all survivors degenerated into Origin Shells.

Origin Shell is the juvenile form in PhalaWorld. All survivors start as these creatures, needing nutrients to grow and power their equipment. With determination, they evolve into the formidable Shell, ready to face the post-apocalyptic world.

SpeciesOrigin ShellFoodDescription



A box of Data

AI-Spectres rely on data to grow, and injecting data can enhance their intelligence.


Test tube baby

A tank of Oxygen

The origin of Cyborgs are test tube babies. They need a lot of oxygen to grow into mature Cyborgs.



A box of Gears

Pandroids evolve from engines, and sufficient engine components can make Pandroids grow rapidly.


Mechanized DNA

A box of Nanobot

Delivering nanobots to X-Gene to help them rapidly modify genes and eventually grow into full form.

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