Q: How does PW protect users' privacy?
A: PhalaWorld can only get user data through the address connected to the PW. The address of the ID graph is not disclosed to the public. The MCP will only return the aggregated identity data authorized by the user to the PW. The address in the ID graph is privately protected.
So in general, PW has no way of knowing any user's account in DID other than the address of the user connected to PW and the data that MCP returns to PW.
The user's ID Graph is currently stored on the MCP server. MCP will not track the user's on-chain behavior, nor will it save any data other than the ID Graph. MCP is an off-chain version of Litentry aggregated identity. When the Litentry aggregated identity blockchain is developed, MCP will be switched to a decentralized version to achieve an utterly trustless privacy-preserve aggregated identity.
It is not compulsory to link to a certain platform, please link when you think it is safe. If users are concerned about exposing information in the process of linking accounts. It is recommended to delete the relevant information immediately after posting on Twitter or Discord.
Q: How Many shell NFTs are there?
A: 8888 in total, These are 8 Legendary, 80 Magic & 8800 Prime.
Q: Why is the token called $k-PHA and is it the same as $PHA.
A: $k-PHA is the same as a $PHA token. $k-PHA (also called $PHA) is stored on Kusama > Khala and $PHA is stored on Ethereum ERC-20 (soon to be also stored on Polkadot > Phala).
Q: Where can I buy $PHA and which wallet would I need to transfer to?
A: You can buy $PHA on Kraken (0.07 $PHA transaction costs) or Kucoin (10 $PHA transaction costs) and transfer the $PHA token to Phala Network. You can use Polkadot.js, Talisman, or Subwallet. See also this document for more options:
Q: Can I swap KSM or any other token connected to Karura into $PHA?
A: Yes you can.
Q: How can I transfer $k-PHA from Karura to Khala?
A: There is a way: use SubBridge (
Q: I have $PHA tokens on the Ethereum wallet (ERC-20), can I bridge them to Khala?
A: Yes, please use SubBridge (, please be aware of the high fees that may occur.
Q: Do I need both Spirit and Shell NFTs?
A: To play PhalaWorld you will need both. If you have a WL or will participate in the Public mint, to mint a Prime Shell NFT, you will need to have minted a Spirit NFT already.
Q: What are other differences between the Spirit NFT & Shell NFT?
A: Spirit NFT is non-transferrable and non-tradable. Shell NFT is tradable. Spirit NFT contains your EXP, Shell NFT represents your appearance in the PhalaWorld.
Q: The people who choose the same specie and career, will they have the same look?
A: No, each Shell will have different look.
Q: How can I trade the Shell NFT?
A: After the incubation period, the marketplace will launch.
Q: What is the difference between 3 rarities?
A: Less total quantities, more choice of items, and less consumption of energy.