How to mint a Shell NFT

When we talk about “minting a Shell”, we actually mean “minting an Origin Shell”. This is the initial form of a mature Shell. After minting takes place, there will be an incubation period that lets you feed the Origin Shell which will then eventually turn into a mature Shell.

As you may already know, Shell NFT’s are limited edition with a total amount of 8,888 available. Each stage of the Shell NFT process allows a different kind of customization. During the mint, players can pick their favorite species and choose a career, and during incubation, they can customize every aspect of how the Shell looks, including aspects like the jacket, pants, and bio-arms.

Before minting a Shell, you need to make sure you are fully prepared:

  • Create a Khala account. How to >>

  • Deposit enough PHA tokens into your Khala account for minting. How to >>

  • Claim a Spirit NFT, and update the Spirit attributes. How to >>

  • Confirm whether your account is on the whitelist. How to >>

After doing all the preparations above, you can begin to learn more about the “mint”!

Step 1. Connect a wallet and enter the “Mint Shell” page

Step 2. Choose which rarity you want to mint.

At the bottom of the page, you can see the total amount of each rarity, and the number of Shells already minted.

You can preview the details of each species. Click the preview button and enter the mint page.

You can always change the species and career before signing for payment.

Step 3. Confirm your species and career at the right hand side of the page.

You can pick whatever species you like, but we would always recommend choosing a career that synergises with your attributes. We make this choice easy for you by showing this as a Career matching level, which can be low, medium or high.

Step 4. Now it’s time to mint!

You can double-check what you have picked, and when you are completely sure of your choice and its consequences, it’s finally time to mint!

There are different situations you may face when the mint is in different stages.

  • If you are going to mint Legendary and Magic NFT, you can mint at any time as long as there is available stock. Once minted successfully, you will get one Origin Shell in your wallet immediately.

  • If you are on the whitelist for a Prime Edition Shell, you need to mint during the whitelist stage. Once you have minted successfully, you will get one Origin Shell in your wallet immediately.

  • If you are going to mint a Prime Edition in the public stage, you need to preorder first. If the preorder amount is more than the stock available, there will be a raffle for all preorders, and if you are the winner you will receive an Origin Shell. If you don’t win, the preorder will be refunded after the mint period.

  • If there is still stock available in the last 24h of the mint (Nov 13, 8pm - Nov 14, 8pm SGT), all restrictions will be lifted. A single account will no longer be limited to one Origin Shell. You can buy as many Legendary or Magic shells as you wish, as well as preorder as many Prime Editions as you like.

Okay, let’s have a summary of things to think about while preparing:

  • One account can only mint one Shell before the last unlimited mint day, think about how you wish to use your accounts!

  • Make good use of your whitelist, you can choose before everyone else, there is no rush!

  • To activate the whitelist, you need to claim a Spirit and update its attributes first.

  • After minting an Origin Shell, get ready for incubation and fully customizing your Shell!

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