๐Ÿ“ฌContent Update Notes

PhalaWorld is constantly being updated to add new content, fix bugs, and enhance your experience. Read about the latest updates and hotfixes right here.

April 13, 2023

New features

  1. Automatic loading of the next page when scrolling.

  2. Sorting products in the Marketplace according to their list price.

  3. Search functionality: search for NFTs by ID directly.

  4. Offering a quick overview of key data points.


  1. NFT names seamlessly integrated into activity records.

  2. Enhanced profile pages with extensive activity data.

  3. Enhancing user-friendly navigation interactions.

  4. Numerous copywriting improved - special thanks to Polkadawg for continuous assistance in making improvements!


  1. Shell NFT is now properly displayed as an avatar for users without a Spirit NFT.

  2. The Origin Shell NFT is visible on the user's profile page.

  3. Accurate ordering of activity records even in extreme scenarios.

April 13, 2023


  1. Display the correct user avatars after sending or selling NFTs.

  2. Improved page loading speed, we've streamlined merge requests on the user profile page. Enjoy browsing with reduced wait times!

  3. Enhanced visual consistency. The Shell NFT background image is now displayed correctly in list mode on both user profile and marketplace pages.

February 7, 2023


  1. Removed pinknode from the RPC endpoint select list.

  2. You may go back to step 2 of Spirits Claim even if step 3 has succeeded.

New features

  1. A new home page design where you can see other Survivorsโ€˜ Shell NFT previews.

  2. A backpack that shows all your equipment on your NFT detail page.

  3. Half size & Shell NFT avatar for download. Change your profile pictures to show it off!

January 20, 2023


  1. Restore the display of the unhatched Origin Shell NFT.

  2. Adjust the visual size of Shell NFT thumbnail image size.

  3. Added loading indicator when Shell NFT is rendering.

  4. Optimized the loading and rendering efficiency.

January 17, 2023

New features

  1. Display the hatched Shell NFT image on the profile and NFT detail page, including its properties as an equipment NFT.

  2. Show the on-chain metadata of the Shell NFT.

  3. Provide a high-resolution image download of the Shell NFT.

  4. Implement server-side deployments to reduce latency to arweave.net, improve image caching, and support on-demand image resizing.

December 18, 2022

New features

We have developed and just released a "Reset unlock items". Per Shell each user can decide (as many times as they want) to relock all items again, get all your spent energy back, and drop your choice of saved item on your character. You can see the new UI element in the attached screenshot.

December 17, 2022


1.Added a new legendary exclusive perk with a second suit option that can be unlocked with 88 energy.

2.Added the ability to easily save your chosen background in the preview for future use.

3.Improved image rendering and color management to ensure more high-definition and visually appealing synthesis results.

4.Resolved an issue where the item preview image and final result did not match in color.

5.Removed the "Jacketun" feature to reduce confusion, and the jacket selection will now automatically switch based on your preference.

6.Added a variety of new items, including jackets, shirts, and shorts for Cyborg, helmet, armors, and combat backpacks for Pandroid, and halos, Braham arms, and Brahma heads for AI Spectre.

7.Added a loading indicator bar at the top of the page to help with navigation.

8.Improved the overall synthesis page data load time.

9.Made various UI adjustments to enhance your overall experience.

December 16, 2022


1. Redesign UI internal state data structure for less state inconsistent issues.

2. Fixed the "can't save" issue when everything has been unlocked.

3. UI Adjustment

4. Reindex feeding activity for more accurate counting.

New features

1. Add the equipped items list on the "CONFIRM SELECTED" pop-up page.

2. Added filter feature for unlocked filter items.

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