How to participate in the feed during incubation

The feeding feature is mainly on the "Profile" page. You can feed through the button "FEED" to your Origin Shell or Other's Origin Shell.

How to start the incubation process

Enter the "Profile" page from the navigation. Click the "Start Incubation" button to start the journey.

⚠️ If you don't do this manually, your Shell will not be awakened.

How to find the feeding page

Choose an Origin Shell you want to feed from your profile NFT list.

On the feeding page, you can also see how much energy you've got, how many times you have been fed, and how much food is left for today.

How to share your feeding demand with other mates

  • Find the link icon on Origin Shell page, and share your link on Twitter.

  • Find other Origin Shell on the Food Leaderboard page.

  • Find tweets on Twitter with tag #PhalaWorld #Incubtion to feed other's Origin Shell.

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