How to dress up your Shell?

Enter the dress-up page

You can enter the dress-up page from Proflile banner, or NFT detail page.

Here you can see your current left energy

Choose and unlock your favorite items

Items can be unlocked as much as you want, as long as you have the energy.

Reset all your choice

If you aren't satisfied with what you have chosen, you can use the "reset unlocked items" feature.

Per Shell each user can decide (as many times as they want) to relock all items again, get all your spent energy back, and drop your choice of saved item on your character. You can see the new UI element in the attached screenshot.

Save your suit

You can save your suit anytime before the hatch. The final Shell NFT will be generated by the final version of your save. There will be a list of items that you're equipping to confirm before sign to save.

Only unlocked items can be saved. Can only be saved within a limited amount of items. You can uncheck items in the confirm list, so the unchecked items won't be saved.

The filter for unlocked items

Feeling a bit lost in so many cool items in #PhalaWorld? The new filter feature could help you sort out what has been unlocked already!

The 2nd suit for Legendary Shell

Legendary can get a 2nd suit skin, which will cost 88 energy. You just need to write a description of how you want your Shell to look on PW page. The more detailed you describe it, the more accurately your suit is designed to your expectation.

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