How to get $PHA (Khala chain)

In this doc, we won't talk about how to buy PHA, you can buy PHA token from such markets:

Before we talk about how to buy PHA token, we need to be aware there are several different kinds of PHA tokens, such as PHA on Phala Network, PHA on Kusama Network, Erc20 PHA, Bep20 PHA.

What we need for minting Shell is PHA on Kusama Network, abbreviated as K-PHA.

Kraken (0.07 PHA withdrawal fee)

MEXC (1 PHA withdrawal fee)

Kucoin (10-40 $PHA withdrawal fee)

  • Swap Erc20 PHA for K-PHA. Need to charge an Ethereum transaction fee(paid with ETH).

KaruraSwap (Karura chain)

Uniswap(ETH chain)

  • Bridge PHA from Ethereum to Khala. Use [SubBridge](, need $ETH &$PHA as gas fee, please be aware of the high fees that may occur.

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