What is PhalaWorld

What is PhalaWorld?

PhalaWorld is a digital representation of your progression in crypto world. The NFTs are designed with Soulbound2.0 using RMRK 2.0 standard which is composable to establish reputational dynamics. Survivors can level up their NFTs by contributing to the Phala community through on-chain and off-chain actions.
In a sense, PhalaWorld isn’t a super mature evolution, but an interactive world that users of the Phala ecosystem stack through various actions.

The motivation for building PhalaWorld

We want to build a unique community culture by creating a storytelling world. In the crypto world, people usually prove their roles by assets they own: whether you are a "Super Whale" or an "Alpha Degen", or whether you have a pair of “diamond hands” or “paper hands”. However we believe in Phala’s community, it's not your assets, but the behavior of building and the depth of participation in the ecology that defines who you are. The building behaviors are also kinds of assets. Each different type of user will find their own avatar in PW.
So we integrate users' multiple on-chain and off-chain behaviors through PhalaWorld and generate them into NFTs. Each NFT image is unique and represents the Phala user's image in the virtual world. As a result, PhalaWorld will create a unique narrative community culture. You can find your story and avatar no matter whether you are a developer, builder, mod, team member, or just a normal user.

What is the vision of PhalaWorld?

The vision of PhalaWorld is to provide a narrative-bound and graphically expansive avatar in a metaverse, whose reputation and the story are defined by the entire gambit of the natural person’s activity in the underlying Phala Network.

What is the basic structure underlying PhalaWorld?

PhalaWorld is the first use case of CypherMod –– which is a Game As Service that helps blockchains to build a mapping relationship in Metaverse so that the operation of Crypto can be gamified. With CypherMod SDK tools, any project could build a world that combines its users' on-chain and off-chain behaviors easily.
Meanwhile, PW is one of the best application cases of Phat Contract. On one hand, it ensures that PW is truly decentralized and trustless through its computing power + confidentiality. On the other hand, ONLY Phat Contract can solve storage and high-speed processing of massive data, connect AR and distributed storage solutions, provide low-latency responses for user requests, and truly realize the vision of the Web3 Metaverse.

NFT is Your only Pass to Enter PhalaWorld

The story of PW happens 50 years after the AI ​​awakened and launched a war. Affected by the long-lasting war, the world is in ruins. The four species that survived the war coexist in this wasteland, collectively called 'Survivors'. The condition for players to enter PhalaWorld and explore is to have a complete NFT pass.
A complete NFT pass includes 3 parts: Shell, Spirit and Seal.
  • Shell NFT
Shell corresponds to the appearance of NFT, and a complete Shell NFT includes species and occupation. There are four species: Cyborg, Pandroid, AI Spectre, and X-Gene. And five careers for each species, which are Hardware Druid, Robo Warrior, Negotiate Trade, Hacker Wizard, and Web3.0 Monk.
In the game, the same species will carry out activities in the same territory, and can continuously evolve through cooperation to expand the territory and snatch resources. Different species can carry out interracial activities such as war, cooperation, trade, etc. under certain circumstances.
  • Spirit NFT
Spirit determines the productivity of the game and is the terminal medium linking Phala World and the virtual world. All species can be upgraded to add other functions. The basic Spirit functions include armor replacement, language communication, quantification of self-attributes, career inquiry and introduction, task prompts, etc.
Spirit is a comprehensive reflection of the contribution to Phala network. The value of the Spirit depends on the evaluation of on-chain and off-chain behaviors and it cannot be traded. On-chain behaviors include participation in mining, staking, code submission, etc. Interactive behaviors include Twitter interaction, community activity, Phala community contribution, etc. Spirit can be obtained through airdrops or completing certain missions in PW, and only players with Spirit can be seen in PW. Players with Spirit will also upgrade on a regular basis. The PW system will automatically convert the data on the chain into Spirit values automatically. Upgraded Spirit will unlock more slots for equipment.
Players can truly participate in and explore Phala World when they hold Shell and Spirit at the same time.

How to Play?

Our vision is to build the world’s first ‘Play- to- Build’ game experience that connects PhalaWorld and on/off-chain actions in reality, where millions of players can turn their passion for gaming into real assets. Players will be able to play a game they enjoy, while simultaneously earning, trading, and building in a massive, open-world economy.
We understand that such an ambitious goal requires 100% focus and dedication. We are going to demonstrate excellence in the following areas:
  • Gameplay: PhalaWorld will be fun and interactive. We plan to have a combination of strategy, trading, racial economy, and social-focused gameplay that will keep players engaged.
  • Play-to-Build mechanics: There will be an efficient and sustainable economy within PhalaWorld where players can play to earn NFTs or connect on/off-chain action to build NFTs. Just like the real world economy, you can choose what you want to specialize in or play within the PhalaWorld Economy. We will also add a plugin in a later version, which allows players from the game to have a real impact on the blockchain. Ender’s Game is the ultimate goal of PhalaWorld.
  • Democracy-driven incentives: We understand the value of freedom. Each player will have chances to vote and develop strategies of their own species.
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