How to claim Spirit

Go through 5 steps to successfully claim a Spirit!
Step 1: Connect your Khala account ->
Step 2: Generate identity on MCP ->
Step 3: Finish the authorization and click OK button to redirect to PhalaWorld web.
Step 3: Kickstart the claim process ->
Step 4: Update attribute ->
Step 5: Claim your Spirit NFT->
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Video guide

Following the tutorials and you will claim a Spirit NFT successfully!

My Crypto Profile GUIDE VIDEO:

How to generate your own on-chain identity, and how to enrich your data via My Crypto Profile.

Text guide

Before start:
Step 1. Visit and connect your Khala account
Create and connect your Khala account via polkadot.js extension(will integrate Talisman and Subwallet soon). Please allowed access to
Note: Keep at least 10 Pha in your account.
Step 2. Generate on-chain identity via My Crypto Profile
Click the flashing part, then click Generate identity button, you will be lead to My Crypto Profile page.
Step 3. Link your accounts in My Crypto Profile
Agree with the privacy policy to get started.
Please be aware of using the same Khala account you connected in PhalaWorld, otherwise the claim will fail.
You can add more accounts in different platforms, all the account will be aggregated in one decentralized identity and be updated to PhalaWorld.
Authorize your data to Phala World. Find and click this button at the bottom of your ID Graph.
❗️Need to click OK button redirecting to PhalaWorld page.
Step 4. Update attribute
You will get back to PhalaWorld page after you click the authorize button in MCP. Click the update attribute button in the Pop-up. Finally, remember to click the update when you have any actions to update in Spirit NFT.
If you update successfully, you can see your attribute points on the right side of the page. You need to click the upgrade button manually to sync the new data in the identity.
If your address are whitelisted, you'll see mark "You are whitelisted" on the left.
Step 5. Claim Spirit NFT
Click button Claim spirit. If you see the pop-up as below, that means you have claimed your own Spirit NFT on Khala chain.