Dress up FAQ

Q: How to distinguish the rarity of items?

A: 1. Each rarity has its own color frame, as shown on the picture below. 2.You can click on the item and see the description. The rarity ranking is:

🍊Orange-Legend > 🍇purple-Epic > 🫐blue-Rare > ⛄️white-Normal. Legend items are the rarest. In terms of an item's exquisiteness, the rarer items are more unique and exquisite.

Q: I can only equip one legend item, but all the H.U.D. are legends, I can't choose another legend, what should I do?

A: We add a new empty normal item for the HUD. Or you can just uncheck the legend item when save.

Q: Why the item has been unlocked, but when I changed the body size, the unlocked item was locked again?

A: Different race has their own outfit, and the items are different though the thumbnail looks the same. e.g. If you unlocked a legend armor of an ape, the same style of armor for a raccoon is still locked.

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