Origin Shell Energy Boost Campaign

8 pm Nov 15th - 8 pm 27th SGT
The recovery of Spirits brought severe changes in all elements, which opened a rare gap with a massive amount of energy. According to RPC-1, there are more ways to obtain energy from this gap…Survivors, this is a perfect timing to grab more energy in advance!

Origin Shell Energy Boost Task

Task 1: Invite new users to Discord
1 pt per new user
Task 2: Invite valid users to mint new Spirit (level > 10 & connect at least discord or Twitter) via referral link
1 pts per Spirit mint
Task 3: Post a tweet through PhalaWorld referral link on the website and get 5 likes or 5 retweets
2 pts per Twitter post only 1 entry per 24hrs
Task 4: PhalaWorld Discord level reaches 10
10 pts per Disc account

How to enter:

Once you've done everything, fill out this form ETA is 24:00 27th SGT.
Note1: all the account or new users should be real people, or you will be disqualified.
Note2:the twitter task here has a like/retweet requirement. In this activity, users don't need to send anything to 🔋|energy-boost channel.

12 Prime Edition Origin Shell NFT Bonus

On 18th, 23th, 25th, 27th (SGT) there will be a particular lottery for everyone that has invited someone new to mint Spirit (level > 10 & connect at least Discord or Twitter) successfully, from 15th. We will draw 3 Prime Edition NFTs each day.

How to enter the campaign:

The lottery will execute automatically for all inviters. Winners need to go to Discord #open-a-ticket to claim the prize, which is only valid for 24 hours.

💰 14,000 PHA token bonus airdrop

We have created a hefty $PHA token rewards pool. We will share 1,166 $PHA with all the users who share their referral links on Twitter every day for 12 days. ONLY One entry per day(8 pm - 8 pm) per account, a post is only valid in the same round, i.e. if your post is at 9 pm 16, it applies to the round 16th - 17th.
The result is updated each day here

How to enter:

If you want to enter the pool you need to submit your daily task to PhalaWorld Discord #energy-boost channel: Note there is no restriction of like/retweet.
Send in this format:
My Twitter post link:
My Khala account:
Twitter screenshot is:
Please do not send anything else or chat on this channel. Any violators will be disqualified.

🍬 Extra candies🍬

5 extra energy pts per account for Whitelist holder that mint an Origin Shell (no matter how many Shells are in one account)
  • All the energy pts, Prime NFTs and PHA tokens will be distributed by the end of the campaign, before the formal incubation.
  • We will always check the authenticity of the task, if there is any cheating, your entry will be disqualified

Some 「HOW TO」

Generate Discord link
Generate PW referral link
coming soon
/findlink [mobile_mode: <True|False>]
Displays the invite link you own which is located the highest in the guild settings
/invitecodes [@user]
Displays all of your, or the specified member's, invite codes
/invitedlist <@user|@role|invite code>
Displays a list of users who were invited via you, the specified member or invite link
/inviter <@user>
Displays who invited the specified member
/invites [@user]
Displays the number of invites you or the specified member has
There is nowhere on UI to show the number of invites, but we are evaluating the ratio of that feature~