The Spirit NFT

We applied the Soulbound concept in PhalaWorld and created Spirit NFT🧠. Spirit is a non-transferable NFT generated with survivors‘ unique on-chain identities, which are coupled with a Decentralized Identity protocol (supported by Litentry). This article will explain everything about Spirit NFT in detail.

What is Spirit NFT?

In PhalaWorld, Spirit is a unique Soulbound NFT reflecting a survivor's engagement with the crypto world. As users interact more, their free-minted Spirit levels up, showcasing their growing involvement.
Users can only upgrade their Spirit by contributing to the Phala community constantly or taking part in the Phala ecosystem. Users can find ways to level up their Spirit in the next article in the Spirit NFT series. There is no way for users to obtain attribute enhancements through ordinary purchases.
The Spirit is non-transferable, and one user can only claim one Spirit, meaning this Spirit will accompany users throughout their entire PhalaWorld experience. One Spirit can equip different Shells, however, similar to how a person can change clothing.

Why do we need Spirit NFT?

In the Web 3.0 world, what represents a person's achievement? It's not how much money you own, it's what you have built.
Vitalik Buterin published the “Soulbound”, and emphasized the concept of “proof of attendance” derived from World of Warcraft. Players need to conduct certain behaviors to acquire the most powerful Soulbound items, rather than simply buying them with money. We agree with this idea, and believe that PhalaWorld should be predicated on the same Soulbound concept. User behavior is a very valuable asset in Web 3.0, which can even represent a user in the metaverse. Therefore in PhalaWorld, we designed Spirit NFT to represent much more of who you are, not just what you can afford.

Spirit Attributes

Spirit has a unique mechanism for attributes and their growth. The next article will explain the numerical conversion of attributes. In PhalaWorld, each behavior corresponds to different attributes, and executing different behaviors will add points to different attributes. PhalaWorld will show the best matches between the avatar's attributes and different careers.
Attribute Introduction
Dexterity (DEX)
Affected by on-chain frequency-related behavior
WillPower (WILL)
Affected by advocate behavior
Intelligence (INT)
Affected by tech/hardware related behavior
Strength (STR)
Affected by stake/hold behavior

How to inject data into Spirit?

User data has been acquired using a cooperation with My Crypto Profile (MCP) project, the PoC application of aggregated identity developed by the Litentry team. MCP is a decentralized Web3 personal data management tool designed for users to aggregate and manage their personal data in both Web 2.0 services & Web 3.0 blockchains and decentralized storage systems.
Starting the claim, users will be directed from the PhalaWorld registration page to MCP to link accounts and generate their aggregated on-chain identities, which will be injected into Spirits. Required entries, including Phala Network, Khala Network, Polkadot, Discord, Github, Twitter, etc. are listed on users’ PhalaWorld page. After registration and officially becoming a survivor, users can check their injections and add, delete, update, and maintain their given entries on MCP at any time.
More than one decentralized account can be aggregated in one DID. The more accounts you link, the more three-dimensional and fuller users images will appear, and the higher level of users' Spirits will achieve. When multiple accounts are linked, PhalaWorld will automatically select the best value of the same action to inject into the Spirit.