The Shell NFT

There are 8888 Genesis Shell NFTs at the origin of the PhalaWorld. Sleeping survivors need to wake up their Shells to survive in a post-nuclear world after “10 Years in Sleep”.
  • Shell NFT is the survivor's appearance, limited to 8888 genesis pieces.
  • Shell is divided into Legendary(8), Magic(80) and Prime Edition(8800) rarities.
  • Shell is including species and careers. each species has 2222 pieces.
  • Shell can be transferred and sold to others, when the marketplace is available. And will also merge into Singular market in the future.
  • Players who want to join PhalaWorld need to get both Shell and Spirit NFT.
  • When you mint successfully, you will get an Origin Shell which need an incubating period to reveal.
  • The unsold gen-0 will be burned.
How to get a Shell NFT?
Survivors need to mint their own Shell during whitelist sale and public sale period.
Can I get more than one Shell?
Yes, you can experience different species and careers through multiple Shells. Each Spirit could equip multiple Shells.