Food feeding FAQ

Q: When is the food reset time?

A: 0:00 UTC+0 / 8:00 UTC+8

Q: If I have multiple Origin Shells in one account, will each fed shell get its own energy to spend, or all energy gets accumulated together?

A: If you have multiple Origin Shells in one account, the energy will be accumulated together, and can be shared by all Origin Shells in this account when dressing up.

Q: I have Shells in my wallet, and I didn't feed anyone today, but when I open the feed page, it tells me I have 0 food.

A: This issue usually happens when your connection fails. Try 1) open up the endpoint popup, and switch to a faster endpoint; 2) make sure the wallet extension allowed both "" and "" URL.

Q: Do the user need to finish to confirm which items they select?

A: All the items can be changed to equip before the final day of incubation.

Q: How does the slot reveal different Shell rarities every day?

A: Slots reveal based on species. So different rarities but in the same species will has the same slots revealed every day.

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