How to create a Khala account

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Guide to finding Khala address

How to download the polkadot.js browser extension

STEP 1 Visit to install the polkadot.js browser extension which is available for both Google Chrome (also chrome-based browsers such as Brave) and FireFox.

STEP 2 Choose to add the extension. Then proceed to download the extension for your applicable browser.

(polkadot.js extension does not have functions like sending or checking fund balances, so you can use the website wallet for those functions)

STEP 3 After you install the browser extension, you should see the logo on the right side of your toolbar.

Creating an account on the polkadot.js browser extension

STEP 1 Click the polkadot.js icon in the toolbar of your browser, you will see a browser pop up.

STEP 2 Click the big plus (+) button or select "create a new account". You will be presented with a random 12 word seed phrase.

STEP 3 Please backup this phrase and store this in a safe place. Keep it secure and private. This 12 word seed phrase will allow you or anyone who has it, to restore your polkadot wallet on another device. Do not share your seed phrase with anyone.

STEP 4 After you backup the seed phrase, click the "next step" button.

STEP 5 Set "Network" as "Allow use on any chain". You will be able to access all Relay Chains and their Parachains with one wallet. The wallet will generate the respective address for that parachain. Type a name for your account and a password. Once you are done with this, select the button to "Add account with the generated seed".

How to find your Khala address (via polkadot.js/apps)

STEP 1 Open up your polkadot.js browser extension by selecting the icon in your browser. A browser pop-up will appear. Click the three dots menu icon, on the right of your account in your browser extension.

STEP 2 Select Khala from the list of parachains in the dropdown menu.

STEP 3 You will find your Khala address displayed.

STEP 4 For more functions, visit the web app. Polkadot.js extension does not have functions like sending or checking fund balances, so you can use the website wallet for those functions.

STEP 5 At the top left corner, click the drop down menu.

STEP 6 Under Kusama & Parachains, select the Khala Network Parachain, and choose "via Phala" or “via OnFinality” > then click “Switch". You will see the Khala network displayed with your account details.

Talisman wallet download

To install Talisman wallet please follow the instructions from Talisman’s docs

How to find your Khala address (via

Open up and press the “Copy” button next to your address.

How to find your Khala address (via

  • It is also possible to get your Khala wallet address from

  • Go to

  • In the search bar enter your substrate address or any other wallet address connected to this substrate address. (for example the Kusama or Polkadot wallet address)

  • Check the “Show zero balances” checkbox (if your Khala address is empty).

  • Scroll down, you should see your Khala $PHA address now.

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