What is PhalaWorld marketplace?

PhalaWorld marketplace is a decentralized platform for trading NFTs in the Phala ecosystem. Currently, it supports the Khala Network's NFT assets using the RMRK2.0 standard.

Features of marketplace v1.0

  • Support placing and canceling listings for Phalaworld Shell NFTs (entire Shell NFT).

  • Transfer Shell NFTs.

  • Display the floor price of Shell NFTs based on rarity.

  • Integrate and display Phala delegation NFTs.

  • NFT trading lobby.

  • Fees:

    • Transaction fee: 0.5%.

    • Royalties: 1.5%(PhalaWorld NFTs), 0%(Delegation NFTs)

What are functions of the marketplace?

  • Buy NFTs

Find the NFT you want, and click the “buy” button. You can check the current listing price and the price compared to the floor price on the detail page.

Click “BUY NOW” and it will show you the statement in the popup.

  • List NFTs

Open an NFT you want to sell, and click the “SELL” button.

Put a listing price and click the “CONFIRM” button.

  • Transfer NFTs

Enter a Khala address to transfer NFTs to your friends.

  • Filter the NFTs you need

What’s coming next?

We will gradually release these features as they are completed.

  • Support trading delegation NFTs.

  • Support splitting a complete NFT into slot equipment NFTs.

  • Support trading slot NFTs.

  • NFT bidding feature

  • …

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